Table Runner & Bags

B121108 -5 RM70/pc

B121108- 03 RM 70/pc

B121108 - 04 RM 70/pc

B121108 - 02 RM70/pc

B121108 -01- RM 70/pc

CU121108 -01
Measurement 16" x 16"
Material : Velvet
RM 75/pc

I like the red berries. The size of the bag is approximately...10"x6"x 3".
Cost: B 171108 -02 RM45/pc

Close up...
I did not put any hard interfacing, and therefore the bag does not have a 'body'.
I like the colour though.

Cost: B171108- 01 RM45/pcs

Table Runner


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