Wall Decorations

code : fr_13
size : 23 " x 16"
price : RM70 ( without frame)

code : fr_08
size : 18" x 20"
price : RM 70

code : fr_09
size : 18 " x 20"
price : RM 70

Further information contact Kak Ina

Bags for Telekong

These are a few bags with Yassin with matching colours to the RE. Each bag with the Yassin costs around RM 35 t0 RM37, depending on the cost of the Yassin ( some Yassin contains more doas and therefore the difference in cost). If you like to order them, I am more than happy to sell them. Please indicate which flower you prefer and I will try to get the beg to be sewn to match the colour of the wrapped Yassin...

Code BY 001

Code BY 002

Code BY 003

Code BY 004

Below are small RE bags to put in the gears for praying. I am selling them for RM30 each.

Code: Bag Solat 01

Code: Bag Solat 02

Code: Bag Solat 03

Code: Bag Solat 04

Code: Bag Solat 05

Code: Bag Solat 06

Bags with RE

Love this bags ? want it to be yours contact Mak Lang !!!

code : bag01

code : bag02

code : bag03

Cushion cover

Code : CU01
Size : 16" x 16"
Price : RM35
Note : cushion not included

Class for Ribbon Embroidery

Good news!

For those who are interested to learn all techniques of ribbon embroidery, we are ready to share them with you. You are therefore invited to join our class.

Details of the class:
  • Class only will held upon request.
  • Date : Weekend (Saturday)
  • Time : 10 - 12 AM
  • Fee : RM 40 per module / person

Module 1 (time required 2 hours)

Beginner - basic stitches
  • Straight stitches
  • Ribbon stitches / Japanese Ribbon Stitch
  • French Knots
  • Stem stitch
The above will enable the student to produce a complete embroidery for framing.

Module 2- 4 basic stitches to add to your repertoire
  • Spider Web Rose
  • Side stitch
  • Rosebuds
  • Lazy Daisy

Module 3:
  • Flystitch for fern
  • Ribbon stitch for chrysanthemum leaves
  • Twisted stitch for tulip leaves
  • Ribbon stitches for roses

Module 4:

1. Rose 1
  • Folded ribbon

2. Rose 2
  • Folded ribbon
  • Loop stitch
  • Ribbon Stitch

3. Chrysanthemum

Module 5:

  • side view
  • front view

Please take note :
  • Hands-out will be provided
  • All participants are required to bring along the following:
  1. Tapestry needles
  2. Ribbons
  3. Scissors
  4. Fabric
  5. Embroidery Hoop
  6. Threads
  7. Pencils

Or, you can get these starter kit from us for RM50.00. Please let us know during the class reservation.

Please feel free to browse our completed REs in our blogs. The link at the right side of this blog.
For reservation, feel free call Kak Ina at 017-9614567 or Maklang at 019-9536585 or you can e-mail to us at sulamriben@gmail.com

Below are examples of RE.