Bags for Telekong

These are a few bags with Yassin with matching colours to the RE. Each bag with the Yassin costs around RM 35 t0 RM37, depending on the cost of the Yassin ( some Yassin contains more doas and therefore the difference in cost). If you like to order them, I am more than happy to sell them. Please indicate which flower you prefer and I will try to get the beg to be sewn to match the colour of the wrapped Yassin...

Code BY 001

Code BY 002

Code BY 003

Code BY 004

Below are small RE bags to put in the gears for praying. I am selling them for RM30 each.

Code: Bag Solat 01

Code: Bag Solat 02

Code: Bag Solat 03

Code: Bag Solat 04

Code: Bag Solat 05

Code: Bag Solat 06


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