More bags, cushion covers and pouches

Assalamualaikum and Good Day to all...

I completed another 2 bags late yesterday evening. It was quite difficult to sew this maroon bag due to the thickness of the material. Anyway, after it was completed, I really like it very much. Today it will make its way to its owner, who is one of my best friends here in Kerteh.. I hope she will like it..

Code: B110309- o1
Size : approx. 14L x 12 W x 3D
Material: Velvet
Price: RM 85.00

This embroidery was done last Friday, but wa sewn into a bag late yesterday evening too. I was very determined to complete it as this will be presented to someone close to the family. It will be flown over to her this Friday. InsyaAllah.

Code: B110309- 02
Size : approx. 14L x 16 W x 3D
Material: Velvet
Price: RM 95.00

This 2 cushion covers will also be sent to the rightful owner soon...he..he..sorry for the delay maam...I really thought your anniversary falls on the 17th of this month...ampun tuanku...InsyaAllah these will be sent to you by courier this evening or latest by tomorrow...Hopefully she will receive it by tomorrow or the day after. I really hope she will like them..

If any of you are interested, the details are as follows:

Code: CC110309
Size : approx. 20 L x 20 W
Material: Velvet
Price: RM 95.00 each

The pouches are all ready for shipment. I am not so sure if I should mail them or hand deliver them to the owner. Thanks for your support. I hope you will like all of them...:)

The pouches in different patterns and colours..
Size : approx. 7L x 5W x 3D
Material: Velvet
Price: RM 10.00

Thanks for visiting...Do come again....:)


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Your ribbon embroidery is gorgeous! I enjoy viewing your work!!
Blessings from the Netherlands,

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